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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I contact the administrator of this site?

A:   Use the following email: .

Q:  Do you know the author of such-and-such quote?

A:  No. I do not have any readily available resources to research the origin of a quotation. I am not very knowledgable and I do not read much. I'm not a quotation expert or literary authority. I suggest you try asking the folks at QuoteWorlds's Forum.

Q:  Hey, I sent you a lot of quotes. Where are they? Why have they not been posted?

A:  I don't post all the quotes I am sent. I only post quotes on the site that I like. It's pretty self-indulgent, but that's the way I work the site.

Q:  You have a quotation on your web site which defends a point-of-view on such-and-such topic. Why do you believe in or support this point-of-view?

A:  I do not agree with the views of all the quotations I post on the site. If they intelligently argue a point-of-view, I'll post it whether I agree with its view point or not.

Q:  Wasn't your site formerly named "The Dictionary of Inspirational Quotations"? Why the name change?

A:  Well, my quotes aren't all "inspirational". Some of them are actually quite the opposite of inspirational. Some are pessimistic, some are humorous, and some are just plain rediculous. So, I concluded that the title did not coincide with the content well and I should just change it.

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